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PodCamp San Antonio 3.0 smokes San Antonio’s already hot social media scene


The Air Force & social media: PodCamp 3.0

The Air Force & social media: PodCamp 3.0

I’m not a podcaster (yet) but I figured the El Tropicano Hotel, home of Podcamp San Antonio 3.0, would be the place to meet people who are. I was right. Not only did I meet some amazing podcasters but many of the scheduled-on-the-spot sessions covered social media hot topics as well. Susan Price demystified the concept of co-working. Charlotte Anne Lucas talked about Using Facebook for Business. Patricia Porter talked about her year-long social media journey after her baptism-by-fire at PodCamp 2.0. Several great tweeps (and me!) led Twitter 101. Andi Narvaez revved us up about blogging. Matt Scherer taught us to Pay It Forward. Members of the 433rd Airlift Wing of the Air Force  and local educators gave examples of how they’re using SM tools to educate and inform. Josh Eyestone taught us the ins and outs of video and SEO. Luis Sandoval taught us about building our network. Camp Maven Jennifer Navarrete was a gracious and effective emcee. And in the midst of it all, Leslie Baldwin, among others, podcasted live several times throughout the day. 

And Donna Tuttle, esteemed SA Business Journal editor, covered the mane event. But that’s another story entirely.

I won’t go into the details of what made PodCamp San Antonio the unique, mind-expanding experience it was. Others already did a beautifully thorough and funny punny job. But what I can tell you is that after attending GreenCamp the week before and now PodCamp, I’m a camp convert.

Where else but camps (Freelance Camp, BarCamp, TweetCamp, GreenCamp, PodCamp, ActionCamp) can you go (for free!!!) to meet such a diverse group of local and regional people willing to get up in front of a room of virtual friends and strangers to share what they  know in the hopes of teaching and inspiring others? Yeah, that’d be NOWHERE.

A San Antonio-sized thank you to PodCamp’s sponsors and to Jennifer NavarreteLarry HendricksLeslie BaldwinMichael De LeonNathan LottRichard GalvanShaine Mata and Stephen Vanderver for organizing PodCamp 3.0 and bringing all of us together. So, ya’ll, when’s PodCamp 4.0?

There were so many great speakers and topics at PodCamp 3.0 that it’s possible (highly probable) that I’ve left some out. If I did, I apologize. Please send me your info to include right away!


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  andinarvaez wrote @

Love the post and love the new blog! Things are happening here, there, everywhere!

Great to see you again as always Colleen!

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